I finally got the Keratin Treatment that my friends and hairdresser have been talking about for months done to my hair today. If you haven’t heard about it yet keratin is a protein that is put into your hair then sealed with heat and keeps your hair smooth & frizz free for up to 6 months!! I have curly hair so I was a little leery about having this done because I did not want it to straighten my curls. I like that I have the option to wear my hair curly and straight. My hairdresser assured me that although the first few times I wash my hair after the treatment it may be straighter than I like once my hair gets used it my curls will be perfect and frizz free! I ‘m loving the fact that I will be able to wash my hair, let it air dry and it be wearable.

The process & the rules are a little intense but I can’t wait until Monday when I can wash my hair and see how it reacted to the treatment. Until then I can’t get my hair wet, put it in a ponytail, put any clips in, basically I can’t do anything to it! Its going to be a long 4 days I just hope my hair doesn’t look completely disgusting and dirty over the weekend!!

p.s. I hate my hair super straight but I'm just going to have to suck it up! Beauty is pain lmao!

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