I can't believe the puppies are 11 weeks old already!! They were so tiny when we got them & I guess I haven't realized how big they've gotten until I look at the pictures of when we brought them home at 8 weeks old & how different they look now! Time flies. Cali is a Chocolate Lab & Bella is a Black Lab, they are sisters their mom is a Chocolate Lab & their Dad is a Yellow-Red Lab. They are as cute as can be but definitely fight like siblings! I'm so sad that I'll be away for 12 days in August...my mom & brother better take daily photos of them and send them to me!
Cali & Bella 8 Weeks.
Bella 8 Weeks.
9 Weeks.
Cali 9 Weeks.
10 Weeks.
Cali 10 Weeks.
Cali 11 Weeks.
Bella 11 Weeks.

They are so crazy but I love them! I've been trying to get a good picture of them together but by the time I get my camera they are either fighting with each other or are laying on opposite sides of the room! Happy 11 Week Birthday Girls! I wish they could stay this little forever!