la photo diary part 2

On a commercial shoot in Malibu. Amazing! It was my first time in Malibu and the commercial was being shot in a $60 million dollar home on the water. The house was beautiful there were so many built its & such pretty molding, not a California style house at all I think thats why I liked it so much. I know I'll never live on the beach in Malibu so it was awesome to be able to spend 2 days there. I took advantage of it, including trying to find Gwen Stefani (she rents 3 houses down!!). Hope you like the photos.
How beautiful is the pool overlooking the ocean...amazing.
The second day of shooting that needed more extras so lucky me got to be in the commercial. So embarrassing I could never be an actor. Pretending to talk for 3 hours & act like you're at a party without making a sound was ridiculously hard.
We ate at Gladstones in Malibu after wrapping up the commercial. The food was awesome, but the way they package your leftovers was the highlight of the meal. We were looking for just about anything we could to wrap up so that the waiter could make us more. My favorite was the dinosaur just because we didn't think it was possibly to make, he definitely proved us wrong.
When we first arrived at the house we were renting the owner mentioned to us that his friend was a member of Club 33, an exclusive members only restaurant located in Disneyland. I perked up the moment he mentioned it because I had watched a special about the restaurant on the Food Network (my favorite channel). The waiting list to become a member is over 14 years long & the only way to get a reservation is if you are a member or a member invites you. To say the least I was excited! To get to the restaurant you must enter the park, go to the New Orleans section and find the "33" next to a door. You ring the bell and speak to the hostess who will let you in. There are no signs for it, it looks like one of the many doors in the park that lead to nothing.

The food was amazing & it was just so cool to be able to eat there. Its definitely a once in a lifetime experience and if you ever get the chance to go jump on it!
Even the toilets in the ladies room were cool!

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