mark. monday!!

Another mark. Monday!!! I've been waiting for a month to share these 2 products with you because I have been obsessed with them from the second I got them & they are finally available for purchase!
The first product I'm excited about is mark.'s Lock & Chain Bag. So so so cute & so on trend. I love the gold chain strap & the size is perfect. I bought the salmon colored one, but I got to see the brown the other day and fell in love. It is a dark chocolate brown color and so cute! This has definitely become my go to Fall Bag.
The next item is mark.'s newest fragrance, Celebrate! When it comes to perfume I like a lot of different scents so I have trouble sticking to one because I like vanilla & florals & fruity scents among many more. But Celebrate is perfect because it combines a floral & fruity scent to create the perfect go to fragrance. Mark. even created a Celebrate Shimmer Powder Brush to compliment the fragrance. The scented shimmery powder can be dusted on your shoulders or my favorite your hair for a night out!

If you haven't signed up for my eBoutique start with that & them browse all the awesome mark. products. Look here at all my past mark. Monday posts for my recommendations.

Happy Shopping!

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