Channeling Taylor Swift

I am OBSESSED with this photo Taylor Swift from Canada's FASHION Magazine her makeup looks beautiful. I love how pale she is & I love how blue her eyes look! Clearly I needed to try this out..I think this is the first time EVER I wished to be Pale!! A pet peeve of mine is when celebrities look the exact same every time there is a photo taken of them...same hair, same makeup. For a while T-Swift was wearing the exact same makeup & hair to everything she attended! She really stepped it up in the past few months & stepped out of her comfort zone & I'm LOVING every bit of it!
Speedway in Nude, Please Hold Eye Primer, Powder Buff in Buff, Bronze Pro in Pro Golden, iMark in Fairy Dust, iMark in Tiki, iMark in Gioia, iMark in Expresso, No Place to Run in Foxy Brown, Make it Big in Raven, LipClick in Ruffle

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