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Monday, August 30, 2010

mark. monday!!

mark Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer in Buff/Natural, mark Please Hold Eye Primer in Light/Medium, mark Pro Bronze Powder in Pro Golden, mark Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush in Urban Glo, mark On the Dot Color Compact Purple, Black & White Shades, iMark Eyeshadow in Whisper, No Place to Run Eyeliner in Jet Set, Scandalash in Blacklash, Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss in Peek a Boo
I was looking through past Mark. Monday posts and realized that I never posted about mark.'s Glow Baby Glow Lip Glosses!! It funny because in basically every single Photo Booth picture I've ever posted I am wearing this Lip Gloss! I received the Pink Crush Shade in my mark. starter kit when I first became a rep and have ordered multiple shades since then. I was definitely not a lip gloss girl before I tried this, it seemed as though every lip gloss I ever tried was too sticky i I always felt like my hair was getting caught in it, yuck. Glow Baby Glow is the perfect non sticky minty flavored Lip Gloss with just enough shine. My absolute favorite color is Peek-A-Boo a light sheer nude, but my other favorites have to be Pink Crush & Hot!
My Next Favorite new product is actually not available to the public until September 10th! It is mark.'s On the Dot Eye Color Compact. I've tried almost every color in this compact so far and I'm loving every one. There are so many possibilities. For the look below I used the White Shade in the corners of my eye, the Purple Shade on the middle of my lid and lined my bottom lashed with it, and used the Black Shade in the outer corner. So So pretty, I like them because the are build-able shades so colors you never thought you could wear during the day are made possible with this compact!

Monday, August 23, 2010

mark. monday!!

For mark. Monday this week I though I would introduce 2 products that currently have amazing deals on my eBoutique this week! Seriously who doesn't like FREE STUFF!

The first thing I'd like to mention about all of mark.'s skincare products is that they are completely free of any chemicals, they are only made with super fruits & super foods. Talk to the Hand contains a super antioxidant-rich blend of acai, goji, noni and pomegranate, plus skin-nourishing shea butter and murumuru seed butter. It is a perfect remedy for dry winter hands, but I use it all year round it instantly makes my hands soft. For a limited time only Talk to the Hand is FREE!!! when you make any skincare purchase of $16 or over. May I suggest mark.'s Calm & Composed Facial Moisturizer which I talk about in this mark. Monday post. 2 amazing skincare products for only $16 thats definitely a deal I wouldn't pass up. I've already got through one bottle of Talk to the Hand and I'm taking advantage of this deal and ordering another this week!
The second awesome deal happening this week happens to include one of my favorite mark. summer products, Totally Balmed Lip Balm! This tinted lip balm has SPF 15 and it provides the perfect amount of color & protection for the summer. This week only (8/23-8/29) receive a FREE Totally Balmed Lip Balm in shade Totally Hot + Free Shipping with any order $30 or Over!
I am absolutely going to take advantage of both of these deals by purchasing Calm & Composed Moisturizer and a few other products I've been lusting after & getting both Talk to the Hand & Totally Balmed for FREE!!! Thats $15 of free products. I suggest you do the same! Register at my eBoutique & if you have any questions or want any recommendations leave me a comment! Make sure to Follow me with Bloglovin' to read all of my Mark. Monday Posts!!

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

end of summer wishlist

I doubt all of these lovely items will be in my closet by the end of September but a girl can wish...thats why it's called a Wish List! Good thing my birthday is in October.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

mark. monday!!

mark Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer in Buff/Natural, mark Please Hold Eye Primer in Light/Medium, mark Pro Bronze Powder in Pro Golden, mark Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush in Sun Love Glo, iMark Custom Pick EyeShadown in Whisper, Corset & Piccadilly, No Place to Run Eyeliner in Jet Set, Make it Big Lash Plumping Mascara in Raven, Lipclick Full Color LipStick in BareHug, Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss in Peek a Boo

This post is all about EYES! Whenever I go out you can usually catch me with some variation of a smoky eye. But one thing you'll never catch me with is the same look night after night. I love experimenting with my makeup. My favorite color is purple so when I saw iMark eyeshadow in Piccadilly, the perfect deep purple, I immediately added it to my shopping cart.

Friday night I went out to this awesome bar on 29th & 3rd called Tonic East. It has 3 floors, a rooftop with a view of the Empire State Building & the DJ was playing the perfect music! It was the perfect first night back in NYC. This is definitely one of my top 5 bars in NYC, if you are ever in the area GO!

I ended up wearing a black dress so I knew I wanted to wear my new purple eyeshadow! So my first recommendation for Mark. Monday are iMarks in EVERY COLOR!! The ones I wore for this look are above. I used Whisper from lashline to brow, then covered my entire lid with Corset and blended into and above the crease, then topped Corset with Piccadilly. I then lined my lower lashline with Piccadilly. I currently own about 10 iMarks and I'm sure my collection with steadily grow. (Another favorite of mine is Night Owl, the perfect Midnight Blue that makes my eyes POP!)

My Second Recommendation is a brand new addition to the mark. line called No Place to Run Eyeliner! For Friday night I used No Place to Run in Jet Set and thickly lined my upper lash line over my shadow and my lower lashline. But I own this product in 3 shades: Jet Set, Solid Gold & Steely Gaze. I love lining the inner rim of my lower lashes with Solid Gold when I do a mostly Brown Eye! Since gray is such a popular color for the Fall Steely Gaze is the Perfect Day or Night Color! Below is is featured in's Under $150 Girls Night Out Post:

"Mark's new eye pencil is the kind of friend that won't ditch you before the night is over. The liner, which comes in eight amazing colors including Solid Gold and Ultra Violet, is actually waterproof and goes on super smoothly, helping you effortlessly achieve that perfect Marant-inspired cat-eye beauty look. An eye pencil that will never stray? Now that's the kind of wingwoman we love to have by our side!" - WWW
We took this picture as we were waiting for the subway home at about 3am and as you can see my eye makeup had "no place to run." When mark. says waterproof they mean waterproof. My makeup lasted until the end of our Girls Night Out!

If you are interested in any of the products I mention here or ones I've mentioned in previous Mark. Mondays leave me a comment or register at my eBoutique HERE.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

braid daze

Braids are always my go to hairstyle during warm weather because they last through amusement park rides, beach wind & pool visits. I must have done a million braids in LA. Single, double, french, and some that don't even have a name. I am pretty proud of learning how to do a Fishtail braid through a Youtube video. I swear anything you want to learn you can find on Youtube. Now if only I can learn to do them on myself!

la photo diary part 2

On a commercial shoot in Malibu. Amazing! It was my first time in Malibu and the commercial was being shot in a $60 million dollar home on the water. The house was beautiful there were so many built its & such pretty molding, not a California style house at all I think thats why I liked it so much. I know I'll never live on the beach in Malibu so it was awesome to be able to spend 2 days there. I took advantage of it, including trying to find Gwen Stefani (she rents 3 houses down!!). Hope you like the photos.
How beautiful is the pool overlooking the ocean...amazing.
The second day of shooting that needed more extras so lucky me got to be in the commercial. So embarrassing I could never be an actor. Pretending to talk for 3 hours & act like you're at a party without making a sound was ridiculously hard.
We ate at Gladstones in Malibu after wrapping up the commercial. The food was awesome, but the way they package your leftovers was the highlight of the meal. We were looking for just about anything we could to wrap up so that the waiter could make us more. My favorite was the dinosaur just because we didn't think it was possibly to make, he definitely proved us wrong.
When we first arrived at the house we were renting the owner mentioned to us that his friend was a member of Club 33, an exclusive members only restaurant located in Disneyland. I perked up the moment he mentioned it because I had watched a special about the restaurant on the Food Network (my favorite channel). The waiting list to become a member is over 14 years long & the only way to get a reservation is if you are a member or a member invites you. To say the least I was excited! To get to the restaurant you must enter the park, go to the New Orleans section and find the "33" next to a door. You ring the bell and speak to the hostess who will let you in. There are no signs for it, it looks like one of the many doors in the park that lead to nothing.

The food was amazing & it was just so cool to be able to eat there. Its definitely a once in a lifetime experience and if you ever get the chance to go jump on it!
Even the toilets in the ladies room were cool!

Monday, August 9, 2010

teen choice awards

My cousin & I went to the Teen Choice Awards yesterday! I was pretty excited because Katy Perry was hosting and I'm OBSESSED with her. I got to see her at a pre-party for the Grammys earlier this year and freaked so I was so excited about seeing her again. Loved her performance of "Teenage Dream" I just love her end of story. If you are on the East Coast tune in now on FOX to watch!
Loved my dress & necklace I wish I got a better picture of my dress. Its from H&M!! I bought it last year for one of my best friend's engagement parties and haven't had the opportunity to wear it since. When I took it out of the back of my closet it was a little big but thats a good thing! But it ended up looking great and the necklace worked perfectly
Katy Perry. Love her!
I had a COMPLETE Fan Girl moment when I saw Joshua Jackson!!! I think I've been in love with him since he was The Mighty Ducks. Pacey Witter will always hold a special place in my heart!
Lea Michele from Glee with the prettiest green dress
Selena Gomez was my second favorite of the night. Her look was so effortless, the sleeves were so pretty...
...and the back was amazing!
OMG Hilary Duff looked amazing! She is definitely toning up for her upcoming wedding.
My favorite outfit of the night was Christian Serratos. (I tried to get a better picture but no one has any up!) I noticed it & couldn't tell who it was at first but it looked so perfect on her. It was so effortless and pretty on her! I need one like it ASAP!
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