Bieber Fever

 I have Bieber Fever. End of story...& whoever says they don't is lying!! I saw Never Say Never last night & I didn't think I could become more obsessed with him than I already was -- but I was wrong -- because I am. He's just so cute lol not in the creepy way. If you see the movie you can't help but LOVE him!!
I met Bieber at Arthr Ashe Kids Day in Queens, NY in August of 2009 when his first song just came out & I seriously had NO CLUE who his was. At that point he was just some little kid with long hair in a purple American Apparel hoodie, but girls were freaking out over him. Literally a week later his song was on every single radio station in the country and I became one of those obsessed girls, 21 years old at the time, but thats besides the point! LMAO!

 These pictures were from PopCon @ Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY last February. We felt pretty cool because we were on the side on the stage along with screaming girls ranging from age 5-12!! Beliebers!!! My camera was just about to die but I managed to snap a few shots. My friend, Christine, swears he was looking at her in the one below -- she's obsessed.
**and yes it was necessary for me to use "Bieber Fever" & "Belieber" in this post!**

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