Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday Grandma!!
I skipped work yesterday & all the girls took my Grandma out to lunch for her birthday. We had so much fun & we couldn't have asked for better weather...65 degrees in February!! Amazing!  

All of us girls try to have monthly sleepovers (awwww I know you wanted to say it! lol), so next weekend is February's & we can't wait because we're having a dessert party. Everyone has to bring a dessert or bring one to make. I'm thinking of making peanut butter cups because I've been in this peanut butter & chocolate kick lately! There will be a lot of sweet eating & movie watching. Its hands down the best weekend of the month!! Our last sleepover was spent watching all 3 Twilight movies & eating pizza and guacamole.
 Of course it was be extremely weird for us girls not to have dessert. We are dessert queens (obviously if we're have a dessert party! lol) & of course when we saw these adorable mini desserts we had to have one in EVERY flavor!! They were amazing!!! My favs were the Amaretto Tiramisu with Almonds & the Chocolate Mousse with Dark Chocolate!! You can never have enough chocolate!
 They didn't last long!!
How pretty is this cup that the espresso came in? Its the perfect cup & saucer!

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