A Very BERRY V Day

 My very festive red heart Valentine's ring. This pic is hilarious!
 Purple & Red & Pink O MY! I was feeling very festive this Valentine's Day. I didn't technically have a Valentine but I could care less. I just look for excuses to wear festive holiday clothes & makeup. I got lots of chocolate (from my step-dad & dad...ha!), went to dance class & had dinner with one of my best friends because her boyfriend lives in North Carolina. We drank, ate a million appetizers & tried fit cheesecake in our stomachs afterwards...aka "The Perfect Valentine's Day." Can't wait to buy chocolate for half off in CVS tomorrow...now thats the perfect ending to a Perfect Valentine's Day.
 Speedway in Nude, Please Hold Eye Primer in Light/Medium, Powder Buff in Buff, Bronze Pro in Prettied Up, iMark in Whisper, Seeing Stripes Eye Color Trio in Violet Riot, Scandalash in Blacklash, LipClick in Whiney, Lots of Laquer in Wild

 The combination of LipClick in Whiney & Lots of Laquer in Wild is something that EVERY GIRL should have in their makeup bag...its the perfect berry color!
Buy them HERE!

 I just had to.

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