How to Wear Bronzer if You have Fair Skin

I used to be completely tanoxeric (See Photo Below) I worked in a tanning salon for 2 years & I no joke would go tanning every single day, then proceed to look in the mirror and say "OMG I'm so pale." I could have been a Jersey Shore cast member I had serious issues. I've fully embraced my paleness and haven't gone tanning since I stopped working at one, and now I look back at pictures and think "WOW how the hell did I think I was pale." Thank God I used to tan for FREE because who knows how much it would've cost me if I had to pay for it! Plus I'm glad I got all the tanning out of my system because now I know I'll never step foot in a tanning bed again! CRAZY
The reason for me doing this post is I got a request for a FB Fan to do a tutorial on how to wear mark.'s Glowdacious Illuminating Powder when you are fair skinned. Glowdacious is an amazing products because its not your average bronzer, its a highlighter also that leaves your skin shimmery & bright! No matter what color skin you have this powder is super flattering, its all in the way its applied!! 

I love to use a fluffy brush so that I can apply it lightly & add more as needed. Currently I'm using mark.'s Angled Contour Face Brush, I think something like a Kabuki Brush isn't the best for this product, especially when your fair skinned, because you will get too much product on your face & not be able to blend it! I also think that using a bright blush along with Glowdacious really gives your skin a bright fresh look!!

Get The Look:

This look is all about blending. Its super important to blend your eye makeup & face makeup so there are no visible lines!!

Super Tan Me ---> Super Pale Me
Always Super Blonde Me! 
(don't mind my boobs in your face lmao)


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