Indigo Girl

 Currently eating leftover homemade Strawberry Shortcake (just call me Betty Crocker), giving myself a leopard pedicure & crossing my fingers that the self tanner I put on my legs "tans" me before I have to work IN SHORTS tomorrow night. 

On a worse note my upper back/tan is KILLING me!!! I think I pulled something in dance class last night & I feel like I'm crippled. UGH but as I lay on my death bed I am loving the new show on NBC "The Voice" I'm the last person to watch singing shows (American Idol, X Factor...) which it funny considering I was a Music Business major in College, but I'm loving the fact that the judges can't see the singers. I don't know if I'll keep watching it after the "blind" round but I'm liking this first episode.

Hope you enjoyed that rambling insight into my life...
I've been super obsessed with lining the inner V & waterline of my eyes with white liner lately, but since I was doing a blue & green shadow I thought it would be super cool to line the outer part of my water line in blue & inner in white. Kinda LOVE it. What about you??
Primed for Perfection Face Primer, Face Xpert Foundation in Nude, Save the Day in Ivory/Nude, Powder Buff in Buff, Good Glowing Blush in Love Rush, iMark in Biscotti, Dragonfly & Ocean Drive, No Place to Run in White On & Indigo Girl, Scandalash in Blacklash, LipClick in Sweetie Pie

 My eyebrows are a disaster. What is going on with me...geez!
PS: I dyed my hair ULTRA Blonde this weekend & an OBSESSED with it! I haven't been this blonde in a long time & it feels GOOD lol

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