Mini Me!!

With a makeup kit that rivals my own, my little sister always manages to get me do her makeup for her when I'm staying at my Dad's House! I'm glad though that I taught her how to put on makeup as opposed to her copying girls in school. When you're 12 years old all you know how to do is put on WAY too much black eyeliner. I look back at pics and wonder what the hell was I thinking. 

Teach your daughters & younger sisters how to do their makeup when they start wearing it! Even though she says she doesn't like any boys, if she did they'd be knocking down her door!! LOL I'm so embarrassing =)
Save the Day Anti-Acne Concealer in Buff/Natural, Just Pinched in Peachy, Keep It Going in Exposure (Light Color as Eyeshadow & Dark Color as Liner), Scandalash in Blacklash & LipClick in Sweetie Pie
& before you say it I know we look nothing alike!! lol

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