No this isn't a post about the Rihanna song, though I'm thoroughly disappointed in the remix with Britney. I usually love everything Britney does no matter what, but she sounds super nasally in it. Not cool, I was really looking forward to the Britney Remix too, I mean come on - the "Boys" Remix with Pharrell, thats one of my favorite songs! Onto the real post...
(outside with flash)
(l to r) China Glaze "Four Leaf Clover", China Glaze "Shower Together", China Glaze "Frostbite", NYC Nail Enamel "Skin Tight Demin", China Glaze "Liquid Leather"

You would think with colors named - Shower Together, Skin Tight Demin & Liquid Leather - I'd be all hot and bothered by someone...well unless you count Joshua Jackson (Pacey Forever!) on Chelsea Lately (Diane Kruger is a lucky lady) this is purely fiction. Maybe my head is trying to tell me something - get out of the gutter -, maybe I should've taken that psychology class in college.

I gravitated toward these colors in the store last weekend. I was loving this neon orange color too but didn't end up buying it, it was probably called "Well-Behaved Young Lady" lmao. WOW okay I'm done lol.

Anyway I just loved these colors! They are the first China Glaze polishes I've ever bought and I'm super impressed with the quality. 2 coats and I had a super dense color. I got the idea for the mani from Chloe's Nails - If you don't follow her you're crazy she is the BEST polish blogger ever!! - she did an Ombre Mani in one of her posts this month. I know this isn't necessarily an Ombre mani but it's light to dark I guess. LOL I don't know, I liked it!!

I'm becoming quite the Nail Polish addict - I completely blame all of the bloggers I follow that do the coolest manis!! I can't paint my nails fast enough lately!!

(inside with flash)
(inside without flash)

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