Violet Femme

 Not to brag but I'm really proud of how my makeup came out this night! My skin looks so good hair on the other hand is a static mess. We can't win them all LOL!
 I created most of this look using mark.'s new It Kit Spring Color Compact!! You can pick one up for ONLY $20. It comes with 3 eyeshadows, 1 Blush/Bronzer, 3 Color Creams & 3 Lipcolors!
Perfect for traveling!

Primed for Perfection Face Primer, Face Xpert Foundation in Nude, Save the Day in Fair/Light, Please Hold Eye Primer in Light/Medium, Powder Buff in Buff, It Kit Eyeshadows - White Hot, Violet Femme & Vampette, iMark in Corset, What a Line in Twilight, Make it Big in Raven, It Kit Bronzer/Blush in Bronzini, Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss in Peek a Boo

A few weeks ago we went out to wish my friend, Christine, farewell! She just moved to Philadelphia to start nursing school =) & move in with her boyfriend (scary!!!)! We were all really sad to see her leave, I'm going to miss her randomly showing up at my house, it would take her a pretty long time to do that now!! I have a really tight knit group of friends! The 6 of us girls have been friends since freshman year of High School ((translation = a LONG time.)) We all went away to college & it was sad saying goodbye then, but she is the first to actually move away from home for Real!

Christine's been in PA for about 2 weeks now & I'm sad not gunna lie. But Skype Video chats, stupid phone calls & picture messages are keeping us together!! Definitely planning a Philly Trip in the near future, thank god she's only 2 hours away!!


=( Gunna miss this Bitch!!! But she's only a 2 hour car ride away =)

 A night out is never complete without a few completely embarrassing pics!

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