Kitty, Kitty

SO SO SO obsessed!!!! Sally Hansen's Nails Strips are amazing!! This is my second post on them (click HERE for the first) & if you haven't tried them yet get your hands on a pair & get them on your nails ASAP!!

 I've had these on for 10 days and they still look like I just put them on. This time I cut them in half before I put them so I have a whole extra set that I can use another time! These strips are expensive so I definitely recommend cutting them if you have nails my length or shorter.

& if you follow me on Twitter you know that on my trip to PA last weekend I found brand new designs in Walgreens!!! I literally freaked out and dropped $30+ on everyone they had! Pink Cheetah, Nautical Stripes & Checkerboard!! Keep them coming
How hot is this new mark. ring?? New obsession!!
And the biggest strip they give you was the perfect fit for my love love!!
Sally Hansen Nail Strips in Kitty, Kitty

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