HEATpocalypse 2011 via Instagram

The past 7 days in NY were BRUTAL! I literally did nothing but try to stay cool. With record breaking temperatures that exceeded 100 degrees the only 2 words that were on my mind were: AIR CONDITIONING! Its 82 today & dare I say it...COOL. I never in a million years thought I would say that 82 degrees felt COOL!!
I totally became ADDICTED to Instagram & documented to the past few days in photos to show you guys!! It is the coolest photo editing app for your iPhone! I love uploading & editing my photos on here!

What did you do to stay cool?!?
Here's what the past few days of my life consisted of...
Frozen Yogurt in place of meals! 
This one is Thin Mint Fro-Yo with a million fruit toppings!!
Corona with Lime! Duh!
 Literally sitting in the pool. It wasn't even refreshing, the water was so warm it was more like a bath tub.
 Fires @ night to keep the bugs away since it was SO HUMID & I must have sweet blood because I got about 100 bug bits!
 RED HOT Nails & RED HOT Shorts!!! The most comfy super thin corduroy shorts from Forever 21. Nail polish & owl ring from mark.!
 Watermelon for dinner. Too HOT for anything else!!

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