Shoe Lust

I'll take one of each...size 8 1/2 please.
OOO...& can they magically just end up in my room too because my mother will disown me if I bring another shoe box through the front door. Thanks.
1. Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D
2. Jeffrey Campbell Sassy
3. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood
4. Steve Madden Westii
5. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Glitter
6. Sam Edelman Javi Wedge Pump
7. Jeffrey Campbell Shy Town
8. Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen
9. Steve Madden Wicked S Gold Snake

It amazes me that I don't own a pair of Jeffrey Campbells yet. All I do is stare at the them online all day, why they aren't on my feet is beyond me! Maybe its because I can't decide what pair I want first.

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