I'm Loving It

For some odd reason this mani reminds me of McDonalds...doesn't it!!!!
Mustard Yellow + Ketchup Orange Red. You know you're thinking of the golden arches now that I said it. I can almost smell the french fries. 

But I like it. Plus when you throw some glitter & polka dots into anything it immediately makes magic. I haven't done a fun mani in a while. I need to get my creative juices flowing & start experimenting!!
Livingaftermidnite - Sinful Colors
Livingaftermidnite - Sinful Colors
Livingaftermidnite - Sinful Colors
Sinful Colors Pull Over , mark. Ibiza Sol Nail Lacquer in Tango & NYX Ink Nail Art Polish in Art of Silver

As you can see in the last picture the consistency of this Sinful Colors polish was kinda crappy. It was thick & goopy (is that even a word?) & not easy to spread. This is the only bad experience I've ever had with a Sinful Colors polish, I probably just got a bad bottle!

BTW my stepdad made me a lightbox!!!! So excited to start using it =)

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