Wacky Wednesday

OMG seriously where has my mind been. I feel like everytime I have a great idea for a post & a ton to say either 1. I'm not at a computer or 2. I'm laying in bed with my eyes closed. They need to invent some sort of machine that can type out what I'm thinking right before I go to sleep. That's usually when I come up with my genius ideas.

ANYWAYYYY...whats new? I hope something great is going on in your life because seriously mine has been boring!!! I've literally come home from work everyday, changed into sweat pants, watch TV & am asleep before 11pm. Its the Summer & I'm 23 years old I need to get up and do something!!!

Things I can't wait to post about!!
My Newest DIY Obsession

My first Sigma Makeup Brushes that I'm obsessed with!
My new purchases

& some awesome reader requests like my Skincare Routine!!!

PLUS I'm getting SUPER bored with the layout on here! Definitely thinking about changing it up a little bit! What do you think??

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