SHOEMINT...have you joined??

Livingaftermidnite - shoemint
UMMM is anyone as excited for Shoemint as I am??
Rachel Bilson + Steve Madden + SHOES = PERFECTION!!!!!!

On Black Friday...exactly one week from won't see me heading to the mall to wait on some ridiculously long line for an awesome deal...I'll be perched at my desk recovering from a massive Thanksgiving meal refreshing my browser 100 times until SHOEMINT is launched!!!

Of course I've already signed up for emails so that the second the limited collection is released I'm notified!

Sign up for emails now & be the first to shop!!

Livingaftermidnite - shoemint
I've had a major girl crush on Rachel Bilson since The OC was on the air...I don't know if it was her impeccable style or the fact that she got to kiss/date/do other things with Seth Cohen (Adam Brody - my dream boy!) or a combination of the 2. There's one this I do know and its that she has a knack for rocking the most amazing shoes!! And since you all know my SLIGHT obsessed with all this shoes - she's pretty much my idol!
Livingaftermidnite - shoe mint
These super cute pale pink Mary Jane platforms are the only images so for that have been released. If all the shoes are as amazing as these I'm going to have a SERIOUS shopping if I don't already!
Livingaftermidnite - Shoe mint
What are you waiting for...put your name on that email list today!

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