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Thursday, June 30, 2011

OBSESSION: Feather Extensions

With the boho trend being so hot this spring & summer it was only a matter of time before feathers ended up in someone's hair. We wear feather necklaces, earrings...why not FEATHER EXTENSIONS!

My cousin texted me a picture of her feather extension last week & I became obsessed. I literally went 2 days after with my sister & got them!! It is the perfect barely there pop of color. With crazy hair like mine I like that sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can't!

It took about 2 minutes for the girl to put them in our hair (its attached with a crimp bead ~ like other hair extensions) & they can last up to 4 weeks depending on how you take care of your hair. Plus even after you take them out the feather can be reused.

Have you seen these on anyone? Would you get them yourself?

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 I just wanted to congratulate everyone that graduated this year...whether it be from Junior High, High School or College! Congrats!
I went to my cousin's High School Graduation this past weekend. They had it at a Minor League Baseball Stadium because his graduating class had 900 KIDS IN IT!!! OMG I graduated HS with a class of 84?!? (mind you it was ALL GIRLS ~ yep I went to an All Girls Catholic High School WITH UNIFORMS!! lol)
 & The sister that wishes she was graduating!!! Orange Tongue & ALL! lol

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo Diary: Montauk Part 2

Like I promised here are the photos from the rest of my Montauk trip!
I hope you like them & if you ever have to chance to take a trip out there do it! Its so relaxing & perfect for a short vacation.

The view from the deck on our room. How perfect is that? Wouldn't you love to wake up to this everyday.
Above is probably one of my favorite pictures I took.
Something about this screams "Montauk" to me.
Lobster & Seafood Dinner @ Gosman's Dock!!
We seriously ate everything off the menu, but it was so worth it!
OMG the most amazing sunset. The entire sun was the brightest red I've ever seen. No matter what setting I put my camera on I couldn't capture it! 
hahaha Lobster Bibs & ALL...How hot are we???
The Driftwood Hotel is where we stayed!! There are TONS of hotels on the water in Montauk but this is one of the best!! 
Christine eating ice cream without me :( 
(well not entirely without me...I did have a bite or 2)
I'd love to go back to this moment right here!!!! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kitty Purry

I think before I even bought the tickets for the Katy Perry concert I was thinking about how I was going to paint my nails! Katy herself always has the BEST manis...whether its her Royal Wedding inspired manicure, Sushi mani or diamond one...I knew I had to come up with a MA-JOR mani!!!!

When I saw these Sally Hansen Nail Strips in "Don't Get Catty" I FREAKED OUT & saved the box to do for the concert!! 

So here is my KITTY PURRY (in honor of Katy's famous cat!) Mani/Pedi :)
That double finger ring was just meant to be on a Pink Cheetah manicured hand!!!
Baby V's ginormous bow matches my nails!!! 
I buy the best gifts...I'm the best big cousin ever! I know!
She can't help but fall asleep on me the instant I hold her! I must be comfortable! I think 9 out of 10 pictures of me holding her she's asleep in!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

mark. Make-up Monday: Wee Hours

I've had these makeup photos in my flagged album on iPhoto for over a month (clearly they aren't recent since I look like a ghost!)!!! I don't know what the hell I was waiting for to post them. I actually love how my makeup came out this day. I never realized how much brown/bronze eye makeup really makes blue eyes POP! I'm all about trying crazy shadow colors but sometimes its the simplest looks that really look the best!
I was scrolling through my Tumblr Dashboard when I came across this pic of Miley (in case you haven't noticed Miley is my girl ~I love her!) & though my makeup kind of looked like the toned down/wearable version of hers!
All products are mark. & can be picked up @

  1. Prep entire face with Matte Chance Mattifying Lotion
  2. Apply Primed for Perfect Face Primer to entire face.
  3. Apply Min-A-Real (in Buff) to entire face using mark.'s Foundation Brush. Use Good Riddance Concealer (in Ivory/Nude) to cover any blemishes & under eye circles.
  4. Apply Matte-Nificent Powder (in Buff/Natural) to forehead, nose & chin using mark.'s Powder Brush.
  5. Apply Bronze Pro in Pro Glow to cheeks using mark.'s Angled Contour Face Brush.
  6. Apply Please Hold Eye Primer to entire eyelid.
  7. Apply iMark in Biscotti from lash line to eyebrow. Apply Espresso heavily in crease and lightly under bottom lashes. Apply Gioia over Espresso and blend out to just above crease, to the outer corner of eye & underneath bottom lashes.
  8. Apply What a Line Felt Tip Liner in Wee Hours to lashline & extend line just past corner of eye. Apply 2 coats of Lash All You Want in Black (NEW MASCARA available 7/15) to upper and lower lashes.
  9. Apply Lipclick SPF 15 Lipstick in Cupid to lips.

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