Floral Tones

Livingaftermidnite : Floral Tones
I really wish I could figure out a way to stop time...just for an hour or so. For the past 3 or 4 days it feels as though the days are flying by in fast forward. I'm going through the motions of the day but not actually getting anything done. While I did get to spend a long weekend in the Hamptons it now feels as though that was weeks ago as opposed to days ago.

Even as I'm typing this I'm feeling spaced out & wondering how it became 3pm. Its just one of those weeks...

I really need just a technology free vacation to actually relax and be able to start Fall fresh.
Livingaftermidnite : Floral TonesLivingaftermidnite : Floral Tones
Target Cat Eye Sunglasses (Similar), mark. Sweet Studs Earrings, Millau Floral Dress via LF (Love this & this), Forever 21 Thin Brown Belt, Express Stretch Bracelet, Disney Couture "When You Wish Upon a Star" Bangle (Similar), mark. Great Ring Tones Ring Trio, LF Rhinestone Spike Stretch Bracelet (also here), Steve Madden Cognac Marie Wedges via Nordstrom Rack (Love these!)
Livingaftermidnite : Floral TonesLivingaftermidnite : Floral Tones

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