Photo Diary: Indianapolis

Let me start off by saying I'm seriously not a football fan at all. I don't have a favorite team & I don't follow it or watch it. So when my uncle asked me if I wanted to go to Indianapolis for the weekend for Colts Opening Day my immediate answer was, "No". Then he bought me a ticket anyway!

I've only driven though Indiana before, and I've never been to Indianapolis so why not make the best of it! Indianapolis definitely freaked me out a little. When we got to the city it was literally a ghost town...I joked that they could film one of those "end of the world" movies there and wouldn't have to notify anyone. I guess being used to big cities it was a bit of a shocker. Then Sunday arrived and it was a sea of blue outside of our hotel. It's definitely safe to say that Indianapolis is a football city.

I didn't take many pictures but here's a peek into our football adventure...
The only photo I'm in the entire trip / The perfect "Colts" blue polish that arrived in my Birchbox the day before I left - Birchbox & Color Club Custom Polish "Insta-This"  / The hotel we stayed in was apparently an old train station...when we got there we found out FREIGHT TRAINS still run through!!!! Needless to say I was woken up out of my sleep multiple times thinking it was an earthquake / Sight Seeing
Picking out an outfit for the game...typical me / Baby V sporting her Colt's PJs / Game Day Madness
BEST photo of the trip --> Giving the team a pep talk before the game!

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