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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eye Candy

Livingaftermidnite: Eye Candy
I am a huge fan of nail strips & when I saw this purple & silver ombre glitter pattern in the drugstore I picked it right up. It was the first time I saw Revlon's nail strips & to be honest I was a little leery, but I knew I had to buy them because lets be serious...they were too pretty not to try!

I am SO glad I gave these Revlon real nail enamel strips a try because they are AMAZING!
#1 They are made of real nail polish (my fav type of nail strips) which means the strips themselves are super thin and lay on your nail perfectly ((no bumps))
#2 They gave you a ton of strips in different sizes to choose from. I found ones that fit all of my nails perfectly!
#3 They lasted well over a week with little to no chipping!
#4 There are super pretty designs to choose from! ((I needed something new considering I've tried almost ALL of the Sally Hansen designs))

Final Verdict: I will absolutely be buying Revlon's nail strips again!! I might even buy this exact design again ((Eye Candy is the perfect name for these)). These photos don't do the glitter justice, my nails literally sparkled in the light.

I didn't think there was anything better than glitter nails...
...clearly ombre glitter takes the cake!
Livingaftermidnite: Eye Candy
Livingaftermidnite: Eye Candy
Livingaftermidnite: Eye Candy


  1. what a beautiful color! Absolutely loooove how it looks and perfect for the holiday season!

  2. OMG those things look amazing!!!!
    we must try them out, especially that they lasted over a week with no chipping :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. So Cute! I've never tried nail strips before.

  4. OMG I need to get these asap. They look great :)

  5. Pretty! I'll have to try those!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  6. Girl I just may be trying these out too. They look gorgeous on you and purple is definitely one of my favorite nail colors.

    <3 Marina

  7. Those look amazing! I haven't seen them anywhere yet, but I might have to buy a set (or four...!)

  8. Oh those look great! Not sure if I can get them over here though :(

  9. Oh my gosh, this is so festive, love it :-)


  10. These look gorgeous! I might try doing something like this with two glitter polishes xxx

    Georgia's Make Up Addiction


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