Living After Midnite: Girls

I never really got into any HBO series before, but when my friends couldn't stop talking about the series, GIRLS, I knew I had to start watching....& by "start watching" I mean watch the entire 1st season IN ONE DAY. After the second episode I was hooked. 

It's hilarious. End of story. The topics they bring up, the sh*t they say...Lena Dunham you are a genius! I applaud you giving the world a peek into what girls are like (Minus the whole taking a bath together. I don't know any friends that do that).

I definitely know a few Hannahs, apparently I'm a Marnie, I wish I knew a Jessa & I think everyone is a little Shoshanna. 

If you don't watch the show then ignore everything I just wrote & enjoy this pretty mani.
((but when you get home turn on HBO GO & watch the first 2 seasons...I'm warning you it's not for the light of heart!))
Living After Midnite: Girls
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Living After Midnite: Girls
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