Round Up: June Beauty

Living After Midnite: Jackie Giardina: Red Lips for Prom: mark. Makeup Monday
Living After Midnite: Jackie Giardina: Makeup BA Star Review: Glitter
Living After Midnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Everyday Makeup
Summer Nails with London Times
Living After Midnite: Bikini Ready with Bikini Zone
Living After Midnite: Jackie Giardina: Prom Makeup: Red Lips
6.3 Red Lips / 6.4 BA Star Glitter Makeup / 6.10 Everyday Makeup / 6.12 Savvy Summer Nail Art
 6.21 Bikini Ready with Bikini Zone / 6.24 Lots of Lashes

1. I think the 3 Makeup looks I did on myself this month might be my favorite ones of the year!! Which is your favorite of the 3?
2. Can't believe Prom Season is over! And can't believe Prom Season is over forever for this one!
3. I've been using the Bikini Zone products for about 3 weeks now & it's safe to say I'm never stopping! Especially this product, I promise if you give it a try you'll feel the same way!
4. Loving the nail art this month...but can't wait for you to see the Patriotic Mani I did for 4th of July!
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