Round Up: November Fashion

Living After Midnite: November Fashion
11.12 Leopard Skirting Around / 11.19 Holiday Party / 11.26 Girls' Night Out
Living After Midnite: November Fashion
11.14 Exploring Outfits / 11.8 An Eclectic Look / 11.20 Oh Couture
Living After Midnite: November Fashion
11.29 Watercolor Skirts / 11.22 Holiday Dressing 
Living After Midnite: November Fashion
11.13 Not So Subtle / 11.6 Go for Baroque / 11.22 Holiday Dressing
Living After Midnite: November Fashion
11.8 An Eclectic Look / 11.27 My Go-To November Outfit / 11.15 Faux Fur Outerwear

1. Holy 15 outfits for November! Geez...I didn't even realize I took that many!!! 
2. I love that all the looks for this past month are really different. It not only shows you how CRAZY the weather in NY has been (seriously from bare legs & no jackets to multiple layers & fur!), but also that I'm really trying to work with everything in my closet and NOT shop!
3. I just realized it's been 1 year since I started these monthly round ups! Look back at all my beauty & fashion round ups from the past year! Hope you guys love them as much as I do!
4. My ILY COUTURE Giveaway from earlier this month was my most successful giveaway to date! Let's make my current Blue Nile one just as successful & enter now!
5. Don't miss my Blogger Bloopers post! If you haven't checked out the Tumblr page you NEED to now! & if you're a Fashion Blogger make sure to contribute!
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The items from my closet I'm loving this month...

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