Round Up: January Fashion

January Fashion Recap on Living After Midnite
1.3 Bundled Up / 1.8 Olive & Mustard
January Fashion Recap on Living After Midnite
1.28 Go-To January / 1.22 Classic Hit / 1.29 Shopping with Enterprise
January Fashion Recap on Living After Midnite
1.2 Rose Gold Details / 1.14 Polka Dot & Houndstooth / 1.24 Radiant Orchid

1. I'm posing in the same 2 poses for all of these photos.
2. If it wasn't apparent before these January temps have really brought out my "dark" side...and by "dark" side I mean dark colored clothes.
3. Taking outfit pics while the temps are in the single digits SUCKS. There's no way to sugar coat it, THANK God for friends as crazy as me that are willing to grin & bear it!
4. I just noticed I'm holding a different bag in every single one of these photos...just call me the bag lady.
5. I've admitted to having a bag, shoe & jewelry addiction before...but it's safe to say that addiction carries over into coats too! There's so such thing as too many!
6. So proud that I've actually stuck to my 2014 Resolution of wanting to spend less on material items and more on traveling!!! I've only shopped ONCE (& it was for a post!) this entire month & I booked 2 trips!
7. I've added a ton of new items to my Poshmark Closet! Head over to check it out!
8. I've got 2 amazing giveaways happening right now! Enter to win $1000 Cash in my Valentine's Day Giveaway & enter to with a 1 Year Membership with Enterprise CarShare!
9. Don't miss December's Fashion Round Up & make sure to follow My Style Pinterest Board where you can see all of the outfits I post on my blog in one place!

The items from my closet I'm loving this month...

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