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Sea Inspired Home Decor
My idea of "by the sea" is more about color rather than the decor. There is a lot of color inspiration to pull from the beaches around the world. From the radiant aquamarine tones of Caribbean waters to the deep indigo colors of the Pacific, coastal inspired shades of blue are versatile, calming and elegant. If you're afraid of going full-on blue, adding jolts of color using accessories will delicately infuse your home with colorful flair.

Sea Inspired Home Decor
This picture from Traditional Home is done in soft blues.

Gentle blues are warmed by natural light in a room and pale blue hues can create very relaxing moods, especially when white acts as an anchor. But let's not forget that blues and greens aren't the only colors you see at the beach. The warm tones of the sand, the washed out color of drift wood or the calm neutrals of sea shells are all "colors of the sea" and pair perfectly with the blues and greens we're used to associating with the ocean.

Sea Inspired Home Decor
Gardner Mohr Architects via Home & Design Magazine

The decor in this picture is minimal, simplicity is the way to go when you have a view like this.

Sea Inspired Home Decor
Summer Tour of Homes via City Farmhouse

This shows the washed out tones and weathered woods with a little pop of blue.

Sea Inspired Home Decor
Rattan chairs, a staple of any beach home! A perfect way to refresh them is to paint them white and pair them with a plank table.

Sea Inspired Home Decor
Perfect view paired with the casual relaxing outdoor spot. When decorating "by the sea" it's important not to forget about those outdoor spaces. The summer time is the best time to entertain, so it's safe to say since you'll be spending a lot of time out there it needs a refresh also!

The next time you are walking along or relaxing on the beach, take it all in and bring it home to inspire your next decorating project.

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