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Living After Midnite: My Go-To September Outfti

Hello! I'm Jackie, a twenty something girl living in New York (the state not the city). I started this blog in 2010 as a creative outlet to my 9-5 desk job (aka where style goes to die). I needed an excuse to wear my clothes, try out new makeup trends and in general be me and this is what was born.

According to my mom I have a big mouth ((literally and figuratively - thanks mom)) and I needed somewhere to use it, so here we are, and here I am using it to blab to you!

Living After Midnite you ask? Well let's face it I write the best posts in the wee hours of the morning. As I'm writing this it's 2:15AM. While I don't consider myself a night owl, its obviously the peak of creativity for least I think it is. I guess that's when the creative juices are flowing ((or maybe it's because I had a drink or two)). But morning me really doesn't appreciate it.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I do writing them.

Happy Reading!

((questions?? email me!

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  1. Hey Jackie! thanks for visiting my blog. I came over to visit yours, loved it and I'm now following you.
    Follow back if you'd like or visit again soon.
    have a lovely weekend!
    XO, Gina

  2. Hi Jackie! I love your blog!! I will be visting it more often, I am now following you, & getting emails. I am so glad you posted it! :)

  3. Hi Jackie, I am gratified to be a part of your blog now. It seems that we have a few things in common. Currently I'm working night shifts and never get the chance to step into my ego. I just started my blog and found you through research. Your blog is a joy and I am looking forward to sharing my lifelong passion for fashion.

  4. I am so glad i found you!. New follower!

  5. I've been following your blog for a while now, and I always look forward to your posts! You've got style & beauty spot on, my dear.

  6. You are such a beautiful and stylish lady. Thank-you for sharing all this.


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