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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm Gonna Stay 18 Forever

It's all about the Music on Living After Midnite
Letting you in on something you may not know about me today…

I went to college to study Music Business. Growing up music was a huge part of my life. My younger brother was in a band, I used to put together local shows, concerts were a regular part of my weekly routine, so going to school for Music Business seemed natural. If you told me 10 years ago that my life would revolve around fashion and not music I would’ve never believed you especially considering my wardrobe consisted of band t-shirts & ripped jeans that went really well with all my piercings & multi colored hair…#notkidding.

I worked in the Music Business for 3 years; I traveled around the United States & Canada, met people never imagined I would and really got to learn all aspects of the industry itself. While it wasn’t for me I have so many amazing memories to look back on.

Is there any song that when you listen to it, it instantly triggers a memory from your past? This playlist brings me to my late teens/early twenties, when music was all that mattered. These songs were the soundtrack to those years, and listening to them now brings me back to all the awesome experiences I had. Compiling it seriously made me nostalgic, and now that I put it together I’ll probably be listening to it on repeat for the next couple of months…

I'm Gunna Stay 18 Forever on Living After Midnite
Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Spotify via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Spotify.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Spent this past weekend on the beach & boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ! Bamboozle headed back south to its first location of Asbury Park, NJ for this year's festivities (for the past few years its been in Northern NJ at the Meadowlands). Thank God we had wonderful weather! Rain + Sand + Live Music = a bad time! Got to see most of the bands I wanted to & got introduced to a few I never heard before. I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I think I watched more DJ sets than actual bands.

While I had a ton of fun there I'm happy that its over and this coming weekend is Memorial Weekend! 3 days consisting of lounging, swimming, tanning, eating & drinking! Crossing for my fingers for no rain in the forecast ((right now its not looking too good!))
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
I don't know why I love this picture so much!
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
Livingaftermidnite - Bamboozled
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Monday, August 29, 2011


 Finally got my Internet BACK after the Hurricane!!!! I've seriously been itching all day to make this post!

OK so I'm going to spare you with a play by play of what happened on the VMAs last night because number 1 you watched it or number 2 you follow me on Twitter and got an earful!! But...I am going to tell you who made it on my Best Dressed List!!!
BEYONCE DUH! She better be on every single person's Best Dressed in this orange Lanvin one shouldered gown - one word - AMAZING! Plus the earrings, the cocktail ring and that giant cuff on her wrist - so perfect! Plus the best accessory - her new baby bump! Congrats to her and Jay-Z!
 And then there was the performance outfit. If you didn't believe that menswear was in for Fall you better start believing! Beyonce looks super hot in the sparkly purple tuxedo jacket! What set it off for me was her giant black glitter hoop earrings. I swear I was staring at them the whole performance.
 Katy Perry seriously changed like 4 times during the VMAs and she didn't even perform!!! When you can't decide on one outfit - you wear them ALL! This Tom Ford purple see through lace dress was to die for - loving the turtle neck collar & the satin belt!!! & her lavender hair!!! I'm itching to revisit my high school days and dye my hair a fun color!
Miley Miley Miley - she can seriously do no wrong in my book. This long sleeved Robert Cavalli gown is just so chic. The fun print definitely makes it and makes it appropriate for the night! Love that she chose to wear her hair up too. She has wild woman hair like me so I do love it, but a sleek bun definitely suited this look.
 Zoe Saldana looked super hot as always in this black mini! What did it for me were her patterned shoes & her bracelets! You know me - always looking for accessories!
& last but not least someone you might not recognize - Lisa from The Veronicas! I couldn't find a photo of her on the red carpet but when I saw this outfit I nearly died! She seriously just takes lace to another level. This outfit is so hot and so rock & roll but with her super clean makeup and ultra shiny hair she looks AMAZING!!!

Fun Fact: I was actually a Music Business Major in College and I thought I'd be working in the music industry after graduation but after 2 years of working I realized it just wasn't for me, but my love for music hasn't gone anywhere!!!

To hear my RANT & RAVE about the VMAs Check out my Twitter feed HERE.
To see my Best Dressed picks from Last Year's VMAs Click HERE.

Monday, June 20, 2011


It actually feels a little weird logging onto Blogspot today!
I missed it TOO much! I have a TON of comments to reply to and a few new followers!!!

I'm glad to be back on here but NOT glad to be back to work.
My few days off were just what I needed! Montauk was AMAZINGLY fun and relaxing. We spent 3 days eating lobster, hanging out at the beach, buying cute jewelry & enjoying our giant wrap around deck of our hotel room! Plus I made the most adorable friendship bracelets lmao!!! What 23 year old still makes friendship bracelets?? Apparently this one right here!
THEN Katy Perry on Friday night OMG. Thats all I'm going to say. I'm completely infatuated with her! I was expecting it to be a great concert but this went WAY beyond my expectations. It was honestly one of the best concerts I've ever went to (& I've been to A MILLION!). The performance, the costumes, the set, the story line...everything was so cool.
& Father's Day was another relaxing day spent at the pool at my dad's drinking WAY too much sangria. & made a ridiculously stupid deal with my brother that we're not eating any carbs or sugar for 2 weeks. I must've been on a sugar high from all the sangria when I agreed to that. Either way I wasn't thinking clearly!
AHH Baby V!! The newest addition to our family. How freaking cute is she??? Like the giant flower headband I bought her?? Future Fashionista Obviously!

Now I'm back to work with about a million things on my desk =( Counting down the days until my Lake George Vacation...12 days!

Can't wait to show you all the pics I took..hope you enjoyed my Instagram ones for now!!! What did you do this week? Anything exciting??
& a New mark. Makeup Monday Post is coming Later!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Awards 2011

oooo The Grammys. Last year I was at the Staples Center, this year I watched them on TV. I love that artists take chances at fashion chances at the Grammys as opposed to other awards shows. 

Katy Perry with WINGS...only at the Grammys! Plus her performance OMG...I got a little teary eyed when they were playing her Wedding videos while she was singing "Not Like The Movies". Loved it. Plus the close ups of her makeup...AHHH glitter, sparkle, glitter, sparkle LOVE.

Also LOVED Mumford & Sons and Cee Lo Green & Gwyneth Paltrow's performances. I give it up to Gwyneth for singing at the Grammys and not being a singer. She did awesome but definitely scared me a few times as she was walking down the stairs & on the piano in those sky high Louboutins!

& no I didn't include Gaga in my top red carpet picks for the night. But I'm sure everyone at NYFW is drooling over that egg. lmao!! I still love you GAGA!
Katy Perry will always make my Best Dressed List. Love her!

 Katy Perry in Armani Prive & Casadei Heels!
Not everyone loved the bracelets, but I loved them...I'm all about tons of jewelry & this did it for me!
 Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli
 Kelly Osbourne in Tadashi Shoji
Selena seriously look perfect. The gold dress with her pink lips! Loved it!
 Selena Gomez in J Mendel
Lea Michele surprises me again! Loved it!
 Lea Michele in Emilio Pucci
 Julianne Hough in Malandrino
 Miley Cyrus & Kelly Osbourne @ The Clive Davis Pre-Grammy
 Katy Perry in Nicolas Jebran
Miley Cyrus in Herve Leger

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

California Dreams

AHHH so excited!! Katy Perry is finally going on a US Tour. I feel like for the past 3 years all she's done are international tours & nothing in the states!! I got to see her perform at the Teen Choice Awards last summer but that wasn't enough. I love her & of course I got on Ticketmaster at 10am the morning presale started & got 2 tickets to her Nassau Coliseum Show!! I can't believe I have to wait 5 months!! Ugh its killing me, I started listening to her albums on the snowy commute to work this morning mentally planning the outfit I want to wear. Who am I kidding...the show is in June & I'm already planning my outfit! So excited! Anyone else going to one of her shows?

I must really be on a Katy Perry kick. Being the nail polish fiend that I am I just ordered the Katy Perry OPI Polish collection on Amazon! I couldn't be bothered to try to find it in a store so I ordered mini bottles of all the colors plus the Black Shatter top coat online! Great now heres another thing I 'll have to wait least I'll only have to wait 3 to 5 business days for these! Then I have the hard decision on which one to wear first!

(l to r: Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, Not Like the Movies, Last Friday Night)

Monday, October 18, 2010

demand demand demand jingle ball 2010

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