Travel like a Pro with these 3 Packing Tips

I'm on a roll with the Fall Travel posts, first Fall Travel Essentials & now packing tips!! Geez, I better book some weekend getaways fast!

I don't have any brilliant packing tips because to be honest I'm a HORRIBLE packer when it comes to clothes. I ridiculously overpack and end up never wearing half the stuff. But 1 thing I've got down to a science is packing beauty & accessories, so I thought I'd share my favorite tips!

First up beauty products...I'm a bit of a beauty junkie so I have hundreds (possible thousands) of sample beauty products filling the drawers of my vanity so I LOVE to use vacations to test these out because it's much easier to travel with a trial size vial of a product. And the best can throw out the empty when you're done which equals more room for in your suitcase for a couple new items you may have picked up on your trip!
Travel Like a Pro with these 3 Packing Tips | #LivingAfterMidnite
Travel Like a Pro with these 3 Packing Tips | #LivingAfterMidnite
foundation / minimergency kit / makeup wipes / makeup primer / eye cream / carefree liners    mascara / bronzer / brow gel / lipstick / dry shampoo

When packing light for a weekend trip jewelry is crucial!! I'm looking to bring versatile, but statement making pieces that will transform an outfit. I want to be able to wear the same t-shirt & jeans from day to night by adding a great necklace or pair of earrings! My favorite way to actually pack jewelry for trips is to pack each piece in a pouch then pack everything in a clutch (or 2)!
Travel Like a Pro with these 3 Packing Tips | #LivingAfterMidnite
Travel Like a Pro with these 3 Packing Tips | #LivingAfterMidnite
earrings / ring / studs / bangles 

Last, but not least, SHOES! I unfortunately don't have any groundbreaking advice for packing shoes other than to use a shoe bag for each pair! If you think that they are going to get crushed during travel I recommend sticking a pair or two of socks in them to help hold their shape!
Travel Like a Pro with these 3 Packing Tips | #LivingAfterMidnite

I just booked a trip to Paris & London for the new year and I'm literally dreading the packing process. Thank god for this How to Pack Like a Pro video - crossing my fingers these tips will keep me from overpacking and driving myself crazy!!

Share your packing tips in the comments! I'd love to hear them!

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