The City of Brotherly LOVE - Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Sisterly LOVE
Like I mentioned in my Road Trip --> Philly post I never really visited the city of Philadelphia, which is weird since its only 2 hours away from NY. I've gone there on a few class trips and saw the Liberty Bell but other than that I've seen nothing. When one of my friends moved there I knew I had to visit her and take a trip into the city! She's been in school pretty much all day during the week so she hasn't been able to do much exploring so it was fun to get lost and find things.

We already know what we want to visit next time we go!!!

We obviously visited The LOVE Fountain...some creepy guy offered to take our picture when he saw me trying to set up my self timer. He actually took 2 really good pictures...I'm just happy he didn't take off with my camera! LMAO

Love all the Game Pieces scattered in the square across from City Hall. We couldn't resist taking stupid pictures with them.

Did you know that there are no buildings taller than the statue of William Penn on the top of City Hall? Well this was true for a while. They wanted William Penn to be able to "see" his land without any buildings in his way. Later they found a way around this and only built taller buildings behind him so they wouldn't obstruct his view! 

You learn something new everyday! lol

Then we headed over to the Philadelphia International Festive of the Arts Street Fair. There were crazy human statues and music. It was fun to walk through.
She was a human fountain. Water literally came out of her head and fingers - a little creepy...but very cool.

Then of course we ended the day with cupcakes!!! DUH...Philly Cupcakes was the most adorable cupcake shop I've ever visited...I mean come on look at the dresser they are stored it!! Way cooler than your usual bakery! There were so many different kinds I couldn't I got 3!! lol I got a Banana Split Cupcake, a Mocha Chocolate Chip Cupcake & a Coconut Cupcake!! They were so good!!

We also stopped by Reading Terminal Market on our way back to the train station. This is a must visit if you are ever in Philly. Its a giant market filled with every type of food you could imagine. If we didn't just eat lunch before we got there I would've gone crazy!! I did manage to leave with a bag of Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds and All Natural Homemade Peanut Butter!! Love how during the entire day in Philly I didn't manage to buy anything but food!! 

**Right now I'm sitting at work really wishing I wouldn't brought some of my chocolate goodies...Is it Lunchtime yet??**

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