shatter & glitter & MARK. O MY!!

This is what I like to call PROCRASTINATION. I should be packing for mark.'s National Sales Meeting instead I'm posting about nail polish!! At least its a MARK. MANI!!! 

I had to mark.ify my nails for the Sales Meeting!!! 
 Totally stole the idea from the amazing mani I saw at the Ibiza Party last week! Check it out HERE!

Wish I would've taken pics of each step but explaining will just have to do!
First I did 1 coat of Confetti Polish in Wedding White.
Then 1 coat of mark.'s Ibiza Sol Mojito!!
Then I taped off each nail and painted them mark.'s Fuschia-istic.
I removed the tape & used OPI Black Shatter & NYC in Starry Silver Glitter!

I absolutely couldn't have done this mani without my new can't live without product --> Seche Vite <-- Fast Drying Top Coat!! If you love painting your nails & don't have this yet you need to buy it off Amazon immediately!! I did this whole mani in under an hour before I went to bed last night! 

mark.'s Trend Mini Nail Lacquer in Fuschia-istic & Ibiza Sol Mojito

UGHHH back to packing!! I am the absolute worst packer would think that with all the traveling I used to do I would have it down to a science. So I should say...back to OVERPACKING!! I'll have to take a pic of my ridiculously overpacking suitcase for my 3 day trip so you guys can laugh at me!

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