Last Friday Night...literally!!

After MONTHS...literally months (we bought the tickets back in January) of waiting for this concert the day was finally here!!! So excited...Katy Perry ~ California Dreams Tour @ Nassau Coliseum!!! Me & Johana had seriously the best time EVER. The concert exceeded my expectations by A LOT! Everything was amazing...the set, the costumes, the dancers, the story line, the PERFORMANCE...EVERYTHING!

She really put on a SHOW. It was honestly one of the best shows I've ever been too! Crossing my fingers to get tickets to her Madison Square Garden show in November- the closing show of this tour!

If you have the chance to go to one of the shows on this tour, take it! 
Check out the food & merch we picked up at the show...along with all the INSANE outfits Katy wore :)
AHHHH How freaking awesome is this Katy Perry double finger ring!!! Coolest merch item I've EVER seen at a concert!!!! Prepare to see this ring permanently attached to my fingers for months! (+ how cute is my other ring! Its one I picked up in Montauk)
Need I say more.......didn't think so.
oooo wait..TIE DYE MINI CUPCAKES!!! foods at a concert...yup!
CANDY LAND DREAMS....with a food inspired set like this we needed all the sweets we bought!!!
Katy literally changed 100 times....during her song "Hot & Cold" she literally changed 8 times!!! SO COOL!!!! All her costumes were AH-MAZ-ING!

MY AMAZING SHIRT!!! HAHAHA & another pic of my awesome ring!!!!
How was your "LAST FRIDAY NIGHT"???

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