California Dreams

AHHH so excited!! Katy Perry is finally going on a US Tour. I feel like for the past 3 years all she's done are international tours & nothing in the states!! I got to see her perform at the Teen Choice Awards last summer but that wasn't enough. I love her & of course I got on Ticketmaster at 10am the morning presale started & got 2 tickets to her Nassau Coliseum Show!! I can't believe I have to wait 5 months!! Ugh its killing me, I started listening to her albums on the snowy commute to work this morning mentally planning the outfit I want to wear. Who am I kidding...the show is in June & I'm already planning my outfit! So excited! Anyone else going to one of her shows?

I must really be on a Katy Perry kick. Being the nail polish fiend that I am I just ordered the Katy Perry OPI Polish collection on Amazon! I couldn't be bothered to try to find it in a store so I ordered mini bottles of all the colors plus the Black Shatter top coat online! Great now heres another thing I 'll have to wait least I'll only have to wait 3 to 5 business days for these! Then I have the hard decision on which one to wear first!

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