Blog Awards!!!

I am SOOO SOOO excited because last week I was awarded 2 Blog Awards from the lovely Procrastinating Pretty. Her blog is awesome, definitely one I check everyday!!! Plus her nickname is "The Procrastinator" need I say more!! Shes awesome, end of story!

Once nominated for these you're suppose to give some facts, answer some questions & most of all NOMINATE 3 more bloggers!!! I love being able to recognize other bloggers & turn all my readers on to their posts! If I love them, I'm sure my readers will too!!

7 Random Facts about myself:
I am a natural blonde (just not THIS blonde)
I've lived in NY my entire life
I've never crossed an ocean (but hoping to in the future!)
I majored in Music Business in college 
I'm a shoe-aholic & took over the hallway outside my room to store them because I had no room left in my closet
I've tap danced since I was 3
& I'm a really good baker, but a terrible cook.

Some Fun Questions:
1. Favorite Color ~ It changes but right now purple
2. Favorite Song ~ I'm still on a Katy Perry high from a few weeks ago so "Last Friday Night"
3. Favorite Dessert ~ Probably the hardest question EVER for me to answer! I'm such a dessert person that its nearly impossibly for me to pick a I'm just going to say anything CHOCOLATE
4. Favorite Pet ~ Labs!!! I wish they would just stay puppy size though 
5. Guilty Pleasure ~ The Food Network!!! I need to marry someone like Guy Fieri so we can roadtrip across the country and eat! HA

Now the Good Part!! My Nominations:
Jenna Lee from a la mode is amazing!!! Like it says in her title, she blogs about "All Things Girly". From weddings to clothing to hairstyles, she will make you become obsessed with all the photos she posts!

Love Love Love this girl! Her style posts are awesome & she's not afraid of mixing & matching. Plus her Mini-She & Mini-He posts are the best!!!

Last but not least, Martina from Wots Worthwhile blogs about pretty much anything that is on her mind. You never know what the next post is going to be about & thats what keep me coming back!! Check out the pics from the last time me & Martina met up HERE.

I hope you'll check out their blogs & like them as much as I do!!!

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