Finally got my Internet BACK after the Hurricane!!!! I've seriously been itching all day to make this post!

OK so I'm going to spare you with a play by play of what happened on the VMAs last night because number 1 you watched it or number 2 you follow me on Twitter and got an earful!! But...I am going to tell you who made it on my Best Dressed List!!!
BEYONCE DUH! She better be on every single person's Best Dressed in this orange Lanvin one shouldered gown - one word - AMAZING! Plus the earrings, the cocktail ring and that giant cuff on her wrist - so perfect! Plus the best accessory - her new baby bump! Congrats to her and Jay-Z!
 And then there was the performance outfit. If you didn't believe that menswear was in for Fall you better start believing! Beyonce looks super hot in the sparkly purple tuxedo jacket! What set it off for me was her giant black glitter hoop earrings. I swear I was staring at them the whole performance.
 Katy Perry seriously changed like 4 times during the VMAs and she didn't even perform!!! When you can't decide on one outfit - you wear them ALL! This Tom Ford purple see through lace dress was to die for - loving the turtle neck collar & the satin belt!!! & her lavender hair!!! I'm itching to revisit my high school days and dye my hair a fun color!
Miley Miley Miley - she can seriously do no wrong in my book. This long sleeved Robert Cavalli gown is just so chic. The fun print definitely makes it and makes it appropriate for the night! Love that she chose to wear her hair up too. She has wild woman hair like me so I do love it, but a sleek bun definitely suited this look.
 Zoe Saldana looked super hot as always in this black mini! What did it for me were her patterned shoes & her bracelets! You know me - always looking for accessories!
& last but not least someone you might not recognize - Lisa from The Veronicas! I couldn't find a photo of her on the red carpet but when I saw this outfit I nearly died! She seriously just takes lace to another level. This outfit is so hot and so rock & roll but with her super clean makeup and ultra shiny hair she looks AMAZING!!!

Fun Fact: I was actually a Music Business Major in College and I thought I'd be working in the music industry after graduation but after 2 years of working I realized it just wasn't for me, but my love for music hasn't gone anywhere!!!

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