Round Up: November Beauty

I started off this month with a mark. Makeup Monday filled with Holiday Glam Inspiration & a look back at my favorite looks from the past year that could be recreated for any Holiday occasion. Then I continued the Holiday Glam trend and added 3 more Holiday-tastic Looks! 
Livingaftermidnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Glow
Livingaftermidnite : mark. Makeup Monday : Electric Blue
Livingaftermidnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Goldi Luxe
11.12 Glow / 11.19 Electric Blue / 11.26 Goldi Luxe

There are still 3 more Mondays before Christmas Eve that means 3 more inspirational Holiday looks! (who are we kidding I'll probably post an extra special glittery Christmas Eve mark. Monday

#1 I'm getting paler by the second
#2 I think by the last look I finally realized what settings to put my camera on for close up shots
#3 My eyebrows look perfect in the first 2 looks...WTH happened in the last one??
#4 The Crest 3D Whitestrips I got from Influenster are definitely working!

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