How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish!

After receiving numerous comments on my past two glitter nail polish posts (Eye CandyHoliday Splendor) along the lines of "I love the look of glitter nail polish, but its a pain to remove" I knew I had to share this awesome glitter nail polish removal system with everyone! Being a nail polish junkie I have tried MULTIPLE different ways to remove glitter (and other stubborn nail polish & strips) and this way seems to be the best. In no means did I create this method, but I am going to share its amazingness with you!

After trying this you'll never be afraid to try glitter nail polish again!!
How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish!
Livingaftermidnite: How to remove glitter nail polish
Step 1: Start with 100% Pure Acetone Polish Remover, a few cotton balls...
Step 2: ...and a glitter manicure in serious need of a redo.
Step 3: Start unraveling your cotton balls & cut the strips until you have 10 quarter sized pieces (It only took me 2 cotton balls to get 10 pieces)
Step 4: Fill the cap of the bottle with acetone.
Step 5: Dip the corner of a piece of cotton into the acetone and cover nail with it pressing down so cotton fully attached to your entire nail.
Step 6: Repeat on all 10 nails and wait about 5 minutes.
Step 7: One by one remove cotton by gently dragging it across nail. As you can see most of the glitter polish is all but some still remains.
Step 8: Take only last cotton ball and dip it in acetone to remove any left over polish!

10 minutes, 3 Cotton Balls & 1 cap full of Acetone is ALL it took to remove a full glitter manicure! What are you waiting for?? Grab your favorite glitter polish and paint away!!!

Some of my favorite glitters of the moment! ((that you won't be worried about trying now that you know all of my secrets!!))

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