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Friday, December 28, 2012

Round Up: December Fashion

Round Up: December Fashion
12.4 Sunset Lace /12.18 XOXO / 12.20 Sparkle & Spikes

#1 I'm so proud of myself for actually sticking with these "Round Up" Posts!
#2 Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but time really just got away from me this month. Not only was I sick for a majority of it, but I also really tried to enjoy the holidays as opposed to trying to document and share every second of it.
#3 Patting myself on the back for not wearing pants in every post like last month!
#4 Statement necklaces are obviously my go to accessory.
#5 Someone remind me to do something different with my hair in January.
#6 Empire waist dresses really work for me!
#7 I've worn a different pair of shoes in my last 9 outfit posts! Should I do another 30 Day Shoe Challenge?
#8 I need some new scenery!

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  1. I commend you on these posts and I totally think you should do 30 days, 30 shoes!

    Sparkles and Shoes 
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  2. Beautiful month through your pictures <3

    See you!

  3. you have great style jackie! i love that you cover a plethora of topics: fashion, makeup etc. i look forward to your posts in 2013


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