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I love spending time shopping, but I always have a budget and a list of what I need or want so when I find a bargain I'm ready. Sometimes I wait for sales, but most of the time I just search for affordable items that will work just as well as expensive ones.
Affordable Decorating - Dare to Compare on #LivingAfterMidnite
lamp / bedding / bed / nightstand / sheets / coordinating chair

An easy way to pull a room together is to find a room to inspire you, such as this beautiful bedroom from Ethan Allen. The only problem is that the total cost is $4777!!

Now lets see how much money we can save by bargain shopping...
Affordable Decorating - Dare to Compare on #LivingAfterMidnite
lamp / bedding / bed / nightstand / sheets / coordinating chair

Drum roll please...our affordable room came out to less than $3029!!! While that may still seem like a lot, it's over $1700 less than the inspiration room!!!

Shop these affordable pieces + more favorites! 

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