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Spring Summer Life

I literally just got back from Florida and I'm already checking my calendar to see when I can squeeze in another trip! I don't think I'd ever move there (too many snakes & lizards for me), but that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind taking the trip down there 5, 6, 7 times a year...

Spring Summer Life
It's no secret that I'm a busy girl, so I thought it would be fun to share what it's like for an average day in my shoes and how I maximize my daily productivity and increase my free time! Free time doesn't come easy for me, but with an organized work space, 2 planners and lots of patience I think I finally mastered the formula!

This month's Colorful Doors post might just be my favorite decorating post we've ever done! This photo is from my trip to London where my fascination with bold colored doors started, but after putting together the blog post it's safe to say I'm obsessed! I live in an apartment, so unfortunately no brightly colored front door for me yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not fantasizing about what shade I would paint it!

Spring Summer Life
Summer's here which means I'll be spending a lot more time unplugged on the weekends. I'm not sure who would choose sitting behind a computer cooped up in their house when they could be sipping coffee (or margaritas) by the pool reading a few books! If this past Memorial Day Weekend is setting the tone for the many Summer weekends to come I have a lot of relaxing in my near future!

Secrets out...I shared how I keep my smile white this month! It's one of the most frequently asked questions people send me so I'm so glad I got a chance to share it with you!

Spring Summer Life
I was NEVER a Blood Mary drinker until about 6 months ago when I tasted a perfectly mixed one and now I'm addicted (no joke, I choose places to have brunch depending on how appealing the description of the Blood Mary is on the menu)! I think I may have perfected my at home recipe and now I just need to throw a party to share it with all my friends! Email me if you want me to send it to you!!

I've been consciously trying to cook at home more and go out to eat less this month. I rarely go out for dinner unless it's with friends or family, but I'm the queen of going out to lunch. Not because I don't have food at home I can bring, but because I'm always rushing around like a maniac in the morning to leave for work on time and I just forget! Proud to say I've been packing lunch almost every day this month and saved a LOT of money and probably a lot of calories doing so!

Spring Summer Life
I ventured down to Vero Beach, FL this month so relax and obviously eat at all my favorite restaurants. I swear I go down there more to eat than to enjoy the beach and the perfect weather. I didn't have a plan for the 4 days I was there, but I knew exactly what restaurants I'd be visiting (Mulligan's, Bobby's, Riverside Cafe...if you're ever in the Indian River Area & need a recommendation email me!) I also got to try out a couple new places like Cobalt at the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa (where this lobster roll is from & the photo at the top of the post was taken) and The Wave at Costa d'Este

Warm weather is here, which means there will be frequent visits to bartaco's outdoor patio to sip sashitos & eat pork belly/fried oyster/duck tacos. 

Until next month...

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