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Thursday, May 26, 2011

mark. National Sales Meeting: The People!

Me accepting my Recognition Award!! from mark.'s Power House Team of AMAZING women!
(l to r) Elena Panos (Communication & Education Leader), Elenor Mak (National Sales Director) & Vanessa Reggiardo (Global President)
OMG On Your mark. Get Selling Go! was absolutely the motto for the 3 days I spent in NYC with 100 of mark.'s Top Selling Reps & Mentors last week!

It was an AMAZING 3 days...more amazing then I ever imagined it to be. When I initially won the Dream Trip (which I had to sell $2800 worth of mark. products in 2 months to get!!) I was excited but at the same time I was thinking...I only get to go to NYC...a 20 minute car ride :( Let me tell you, now having experienced it I would have sold $5000 in 2 months to get there!

The National Sales Meeting was so inspiring & I now have more motivation than EVER to get out there & spread the word about mark. The products are AMAZING...I don't understand why everyone isn't using them or at least know about them yet!

Did you know that mark. is the #6 Trend Beauty Brand in the WORLD only behind MAC, Nars & a few others!?!? mark. is trendy, affordable & great quality!! 

Just wanted to share a few pics from my trip ~ Hope you all ENJOY!

Me & Ana!!! Who you probably all remember from when I shot the National mark. Commercial back in March!
Click HERE to watch Ana's awesome video & my post from the shoot!
My mark. Momma, GAIL, shes the reason why I got to the Meeting!! Her team in the #1 Top Selling mark. mentor Team in the COUNTRY!!
Learn about being part of her amazing team HERE

AHHH talking on mark.'s Monthly Rep Webcast!! I spoke about how amazing mark.'s new Foundation Min-A-Real is!!! I was so nervous I don't even remember what I said!
Get Out my latest mark. Monday post where I used Min-A-Real for the First TIME!--> HERE

~ Day 2 ~

mark. celebrity make-up artist Jamie Greenberg doing an awesome look on one of the reps!
our ADORABLE place setting at the Recognition Dinner! Bet your dying to know whats in that box!!!
((hint hint next post I'll tell you!))

~ Day 3 ~
Leaving NYC with a bag full of goodies & a head full of knowledge (I know I'm cheesy)!!!! (ahhh tomorrow's post will be about all the amazing products I got & all the awesome new things to come!) 

Already thinking about how amazing next year's meeting will be! Hope I get to go!


  1. Awww you look so happy..and I haven't heard about Mark over here (UK) guess it's an American only brand?

  2. Hi Julietta!

    mark. right now is only sold in america but if you ever wanted to buy anything from my eBoutique you absolutely could!!! I can personally ship it to you & you could pay through paypal. Reps all over the country are constantly shipping to Australia, the UK, France...and tons more countries!! mark. will absolutely be taking over!!

    xo Jackie

  3. you have an amazing smile!

    NEW outfit post;

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time! And I have to say, you look smashing! X

  5. Wow, I remember saying to myself "there is no way I coudl ever sell enough to win the NYC trip."

    Now I feel like i totally could! Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. Looks like a great place for sales meetings! Glad you had fun and were able to post all these pics :)

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