Round Up: December Beauty

Livingaftermidnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Aura
How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish
Livingaftermidnite: Simply D-Vine
Livingaftermidnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Vibe
Livingaftermidnite: Jingle Bells
Livingaftermidnite: mark. Makeup Monday: Cha Cha
Living After Midnite: Winter Wonderland
12.3 Aura / 12.5 How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish
12. 7 Simply D-Vine / 12.10 Vibe / 12.12 Jingle Bells / 12.17 Cha Cha / 12.21 Winter Wonderland

#1 I decided to include nails in this month's Beauty Round Up.
#2 I can't use "the holidays" as my excuse to use excessive glitter, shimmer and sparkle in January.
#3 My eyebrows are finally perfect thanks to Benefit's Brow Bar! No more unruly brow shots next month!
#4 Now that you have my Glitter Nail Polish Removal System you can never use "Its so hard to get off" as an excuse to not use glitter!
#5 I'm getting some awesome nail art tools in the mail soon that I can't wait to test out and show off the results!
#6 I MUST learn the correct settings to put my camera on to take makeup pics!

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